Ear Piercing
Ear Lobe £15 (£25 for 2)
Helix/Pinna/Scapha/Cartilage £15
Tragus £15
Anti-Tragus £15
Forward Helix £15
Snug £15
Conch £15
Rook £15
Anti-Lobe £15
Daith £15
Daith Heart £20
Transverse/Horizontal Lobe £20
Industrial/Scaffold £25
All £15 Ear Piercings: £25 for any two, £35 for any three

Facial/Oral Piercing
Eyebrow £20
Nostril £20
Lip/Labret/Madonna/Medusa/Lowbret/Vertical Lip £20
Smiley/Frowny/Tongue Frenum £20
Septum £20
Tongue £20 (£5 for bar change after 1 week)
Cheeks/Dahlias (18+) £30 (£50/pair)
Earl (Bridge of Nose) £30
All £20 Facial/Oral Piercings: £35 for any two

Body Piercing
Nipple (18+) £20
Navel/Inverse Navel (Bellybutton) £20
Surface Piercing £25
Skin Divers (Various Styles Available) £25
Microdermals £30
Flat Surface Piercing £30
Genital Piercing (Male & Female. 18+) £30
All £20 Body Piercings: £35 for any two
All £25 Body Piercings: £45 for any two
All £30 Body Piercings: £50 for any two

Body Modification Services
(All 18+, mandatory consultation before any work will be taken on)
Magnetic Implants £110
NFC Tags £110
Earlobe reconstruction from £175
Corsets/Play Piercing/Surface Weaving from £50
Scarification/Skin Removal/Branding from £30
‘Instant’ Tunnels from £30 (£50/pair)
Cartilage punching from £50
Stretching £5 (Plus jewellery price)

Other Services
Microdermal Removal £5 (Free if done by me)
Jewellery Change/Clean £5 (Free with body jewellery purchase)
Upgrade any initial jewellery to black, gold or clear gem ball for £3
Huge range of body jewellery & ordering-in service – Mail order also available
Premium brand body jewellery ranges
Blood vial jewellery, ask for details/prices (18+)
Aftercare products & other piercing care products available
Consultations for any piercing work (Free)
For any other placement or procedure not listed here, please get in touch

Multiple piercing prices are for the piercings to be done on the same person in the same sitting. Aftercare advice sheet & one basic piece of jewellery (the piece you will be fitted with) are included in the price of the piercing(s).
All prices are subject to change.


For general body piercing, you must to be 16 years of age or over. I will ask for photo ID if you look under 18. For genital or nipple piercing (male or female), cheek/dahlia piercing and other body modification work, you must be 18 years of age or over. I  will ask for photo ID if you look under 21.

Acceptable forms of ID are: UK Passport, UK Drivers Licence (or Provisional) or a CitizenCard (www.citizencard.com). I cannot accept photocopies or birth certificates.

No one who is pregnant/breastfeeding or under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be pierced. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone due to medical or ethical reasons.