My name is Kim, I’m from North-East England and I have been in the piercing industry since 2002. I’m currently working in a fantastic tattoo studio in the centre of Middlesbrough – Skins & Needles.

I, and the studio I work from, are fully licensed and registered with the local council for all the work we carry out. We pride ourselves in our strict compliance with all health and safety regulations and are proud to exceed all minimum requirements set by the council. We are also fully insured for ourselves and our clients. In addition to this, I am a proud member of the APP (verify at safepiercing.org)

I am experienced in all piercing procedures, from ear lobes, noses and basic body piercing to more unusual piercings such as genital piercing, surface piercing, skin divers & microdermals. I also do a lot of custom work (play piercing, surface weaving & corsetry) and other body modification procedures. There are photos of the full spectrum of my work in my photos section.

I only use single-use fully sterilized needles/scalpels/dermal punches and high quality implant grade titanium body jewellery for all my work. I will not pierce with any jewellery bought elsewhere, and will never use ‘piercing guns’ or butterfly back studs. Where possible, all my equipment is single-use and disposable. Where this is not possible, the equipment is processed appropriately, then sterilized in a vacuum autoclave in a sterilization pouch between each use. Please ask if you would like to see any of my sterilizing equipment.

My usual hours are 11am-5pm Mondays and Wednesday to Saturday – I am not in the studio on Tuesdays or Sundays. Piercings are available on a walk-in basis (no appointment needed) – just call into the studio. Body modification work requires a face to face consultation, and then an appointment. I’m currently working in Middlesbrough at Skins & Needles Tattoo Studio – www.facebook.com/skinsandneedles – on Linthorpe Road. To contact me (studio address, phone or e-mail) please see the contact information page. Please be aware that I work exclusively from this reputable and registered tattoo studio. I do not work from home and I will not pierce you in your home.

I am happy to give free and confidential consultations upon request (for any and all piercings, and I insist on a face-to-face consultation for custom piercing work and all body modification work). These consultations consist of a walk-through of the procedure, you can see the equipment that will be used on request and I’ll talk you through jewellery options (for the initial piercing and for once the piercing has healed). Aftercare is also discussed and I can recommend certain products to you as well. This is a good opportunity to ask questions that you may forget about on the day of getting the procedure done.